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Strength in Steeley's Store

As a young woman, Shawna Steeley said she "walked through doors she never knew existed," and has since become an embodiment of a strong individual. 

Today, Shawna sits behind the register in an antique store, which she runs with her husband, Skip, and smokes a cigarette, recalling her life both before and after her time here. 

Despite being a politically liberal person in the conservative town of Shoemakersville, PA, Shawna and Skip have made a home for themselves. 

After Shawna lost a baby due to her ex-husband's abuse, she left, raised another  daughter as a single mom, hiked the Appalachian Trail and started working as a grocery store manager in Hamburg, PA. It was at the store that she found confidence, stability, footing, and her husband and now business partner, Skip. "I was just not intimidated by anybody anymore,” she recalled. 

Skip Steeley, often takes trips to buy and sell antiques. Shawna's energy keeps her busy while she works on maintaining the store and its customers. She will say that no man can take care of her, and it is evident her personal strength comes from the lifestyle she has created for herself in Berks County and in Steeley's store.

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