Home in Ha Noi - Margo Reed

After she left her mother's womb

"We are forced outside the boundaries of our comfort zones since the day we leave our mothers' wombs." -- Linh Than

In this series Linh invites me, first as a friend and also as an artist, into her life a little more closely in what one might call her hometown, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, which for reasons I could describe best in pictures, she left.

We scootered through the city as she contemplated her life before and after leaving Viet Nam. I aimed to capture my emotions in Ha Noi through the eyes and life of my best friend. 

As we walk through Ha Noi's Old Quarters, people comment on her dark lipstick and purple hair in Vietnamese-- they assume she’s a foreigner. She does not quite fit in, especially not with a blonde, white friend by her side and a scooter that shouts affluence to the surrounding community members.

Linh came to Philadelphia in 2015 to study filmmaking, an art she  felt was disrespected in Viet Nam. But in doing so, she also left her comfort zone, her mother, who has exhibited care and selflessness despite inhibiting a place she does not feel welcome.

Now, she is searching for that same comfort across the globe, finding it people along the way. She mentions Mom, Ớt Anhanh, Johane, Brianna, Bobby, Margo, Tricia, Brooke, but she will not stop until she finds self love within herself.

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