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Friday nights at the Oley Fair have always been the notoriously busy ones. People from surrounding towns join for rides, giveaways, contests and french fries loaded with vinegar. Kids have off school for the majority of the three-day fair season, and a school bus makes a special stop at the fairgrounds. 

After having been away from every fall of my childhood, I returned home on September 20, 2019, to visit the Oley Valley Community Fair, an agriculture festival in my rural PA hometown, with a different perspective. 

I moved away, but when I came back I could still see myself in every one of the kids climbing the tractors, chasing boys, and smoking cigarettes behind the cow barn. I photographed these moments as a preservation not only of the fair, which, for my entire life, has adopted only a few subtle changes in its guise, but also of myself and my childhood. I aimed to preserve the fair as it always has looked and, in my pictures, as it will always be.

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