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Families of gun violence tell their stories at an event organized by the Philadelphia Daily New's columnist, Helen Ubinas. The large group gathered on the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to embrace and share stories about their lost loved ones while building a community for families who are victim of gun violence.

Vashti DuBois, founder and executive director of, The Colored Girls Museum, aims to celebrate the ordinary colored woman throughout history and present day. Opened in 2015, the museum is in its second iteration or performance. In this exhibition, the museum's thematic is care, specifically care to help one sleep at night. The museum tours guests through a care-taking space featuring life-size, interactive cocoons, topsy-turvy dolls, and stained glass mirrors.

A street full of empty, rotting, homes in Down Township known as Money Island was once alive and rented out every summer. Some say the small island on the New Jersey coast is suffering from sea level rise, while others, including Downe Township mayor, Robert Campbell, believe people were bought out of their homes to invest into bigger beach towns like Wildwood and Ocean City that draw more tourism to the state.

An attempt to reveal Isaiah Zagar’s latest work became an exploration of his identity as a Philadelphia and global artist. He stores over 50 years of unsold art in his studio in South Philadelphia, which he is covering in mosaics that match the aesthetic of his home and well-known South Street attraction, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. Zagar has created between 220 and 300 mosaics in Philadelphia alone, according to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, the nonprofit that aims to keep the structure in-tact. Today, he continues to practice as an artist both in his studio and throughout the city by hosting workshops and teaching his mosaic methods. Zagar’s workshop on July 29, 2017 at the Meredith School in Philadelphia attracted attendees from across the city and as far west as Chicago. Many were inspired to be a part of a mosaic that they believe will beautify the city.

“It’s very simple. I do the workshops so I can get my mosaics into the world,” Zagar, 78, said.

Retired New York City Fireman, Brian McGuire, reflects on 9/11 in New York City shortly after the 9 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. McGuire was forced into retirement due to weak lungs, which likely came from the days he spent working at ground zero in 2001. Each year, he returns to the site to get together with former fire fighters and NYPD and to remember the national tragedy through ceremonies and friendship.

Bill and Catherine Delcamp established Project Turkey with a mission for fellowship on Thanksgiving in their small, Berks County town. With the help of many other volunteers, the Delcamps organize, buy and cook a Thanksgiving dinner at St. Paul's U.C.C. annually. The dinner attracts primarily elderly, single, sick, and unemployed  people, but all are welcome.

Jiro Shoda, jazz trumpet player, has traveled worldwide performing. Now, at 69 years old, Shoda lives in his birth home in Shimoda, Japan, enjoying work, body building, and a few guests per week in his cafe. Shoda still performs in Yokohama and Tokyo, and shares his lifetime of traveling and personality in this video. 

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